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Ceto and Telesto indefinitely removed from range

Although we notified you in September last year that orders and deliveries for Ceto, Ceto 90, Ceto 180 and Telesto radiators had been temporarily suspended, we have now been forced to extend this arrangement indefinitely.


Certain components unavailable

One of our suppliers recently informed us that it would not be able to supply certain components in 2017. Considering there are no equivalent alternatives for the components in question, and we want to eliminate uncertainty surrounding the temporary suspension of orders and deliveries, we have decided to scrap the Ceto, Ceto 90, Ceto 180 and Telesto radiators from our range.

In concrete terms, this means the radiators in question will be removed from the price list, website and design brochure. Technical information will continue to be available in our technical documents because these radiators have already been supplied to customers.
We once again apologise for any inconvenience and hope you understand our situation.