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Discover our Alto E and Alto Plan E vertical electric radiators

In launching the new Alto E and Alto Plan E electric radiators, Henrad is setting the new standard for this innovative approach to flexible and sustainable heating. This is a story of two worlds coming together. As we have combined the extremely fast rise of electric radiators with our very popular vertical models Alto and Alto Plan.

Over the years, our Alto and Alto Plan vertical radiators have become true classics. In fact, both models have made Henrad the undisputed market leader in this specific segment. The limited amount of space they take up, along with their high heating capacity, are undeniably the greatest advantages these vertical radiators offer. Now, they are also available in a completely electric version.

Sustainable and flexible source of energy

Electricity is by far the most sustainable and flexible source of energy for these radiators. After having very successfully developed two electric variants of the Oceanus bathroom radiator, we are now introducing the electric versions of the Alto and Alto Plan.

These electric radiators only need a simple socket to function.
We deliver the radiators entirely ready for installation, with all the necessary brackets and fixing materials. They guarantee the intended high heat output very quickly after being switched on. On top of this, the optimised ECO Design minimises energy consumption.

Easy to operate

You operate the radiators using the supplied thermostat. This user-friendly setup uses a radio frequency (RF) wireless connection to communicate with the radiator.
With the easily adjustable weekly programming, you can be sure you will always have the right temperature in your house.

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