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Horizontal decorative radiator with a subtle and trendy design

Everest Slim ECO is the horizontal equivalent of the Alto Slim. Both are available in a range of colours. When combined they create a feeling of space and light.

Why opt for a Henrad Everest Slim ECO radiator?

  • Serial flow technology inside
  • Decorative
  • Thin, smooth front with recessed panels
  • Available in colour

3D Animation

Discover the Henrad Everest Slim ECO here in 3D

››› Everest Slim ECO

Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag to rotate the radiator. Scroll to zoom in or out.


How does the ECO technology work?

• Why opt for the ECO radiator?

• The benefit of radiant heat

• ECO radiator: serial flow

Choose your colour

Choose your colour

Warmth is essential for creating a cosy home. As is an interior that you feel good in. With Henrad you can now opt for colourful warmth.



Permanent air vent ECO – S-Vent DUO™

Permanent air vent ECO - S-Vent DUO™

Mounting key for permanent air vent

Mounting key for permanent air vent

Valve opener with venting hose for T2150

Valve opener with venting hose for T2150

Towel rail Slim

Towel bar Slim H

Towel rail Chrome (also order T1165)

Towel bar chrome

Chrome magnetic towel rail


Renovation kit ECO

Renovatieset ECO

Henrad thermostatic head

Thermostatic head Henrad

Double connection fitting – Straight, without drain-off facility

Connection fitting straight without drain-off

Double connection fitting – Straight, with drain-off facility

Connection fitting straight with drain-off

Double connection fitting – Angled, without drain-off facility

Connection fitting angled without drain-off

Double connection fitting – Angled, with drain-off facility

Connection fitting angled with drain-off

Drain nipple

Drain nipple

Calculate the heat output

Calculate the heat output

Click here, to download documents that may help you with the calculation of the heat output

Technical details

Technical details

The age of radiators being hidden behind the sofa came to a definite end with the arrival of the Everest Slim ECO. You’ll actually want to highlight this radiator. The completely smooth front and flush black top grille and side panels give the radiator an unrivalled look. Its high quality finish offers you a highly attractive and warm radiator for years on end. Use it in combination with the Alto Slim to create a light and spacious feel throughout your whole home.

  • Product:
the decorative horizontal low-temperature valve radiator with serial flow technology, with both a centre and lateral bottom connection and pre-set valve insert, which can be fitted on the left or right side of the radiator
  • Finishing:
completely smooth design with a jointless front and flush black upper grille and side panels
  • Pre-installed:
pre-set Heimeier 4368 or 4369 valve, ECO air vent and blind plugs
  • Valve insert:
The integrated adjustable valve insert is factory-fit on the right side of the radiator, CEN certified, tested in accordance with EN215 and compatible with thermostatic heads M30 x 1,5mm. The valve insert can also be fitted on the left of the ECO radiator.
The thermostatic valve insert is factory-set in relation to the size of the radiator. This pre-setting ensures optimum throughput in the radiator. Factory setting for two-pipe systems, also suitable for one-pipe systems (as long as the valve insert is adjusted to position 8).
  • Also supplied:
design thermostatic head, valve insert spindle extension, wall brackets, screws, plugs and installation instructions
  • Connections:
2 x ¾” male Euroconus centre connection, 2 x ½” female lateral bottom connection
  • Lugs:
2 pairs of mounting lugs up to 1.600 mm and 3 pairs from 1.800 mm
  • Types:
21 | 22
  • Heights:
545 | 645 mm
  • Lengths:
1.070 | 1.270 | 1.470 | 1.670 | 1.870 | 2.070 mm
  • Depths:
96 | 119 mm
  • Download:
Click here to download the complete specification text     download (Custom)

Height Type 21Type 22Height

Calculation Factor per meter length radiator at 75/65/20 °C in accordance with EN442
Characteristic equation: ф = KM x ΔTn

Heat output (at 75/65/20°C in accordance with EN442)

545  645 

Click here to download the Heat Calculator
Click here to download the Correction Factors

Connection possibilities

Connection possibilities ECO

Important notice for ECO radiators: The green ECO air vent is essential for the proper working of the radiator and cannot be replaced by a traditional air vent as the radiator will keep on heating.


Lugpositions Henrad


Everest Slim ECO