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Henrad is putting a great deal of effort into it!

Proudly we present our new European distribution centre which will be operational very soon. With 30.000 sqm of space and room for almost 200.000 radiators, we fully aim to give your customers the service they deserve.

As previously announced this will also impact our vast catalogue with more than 8 ranges and 40 series, resulting in over 7.000 different radiators. We gladly summarize this for you.

Magazijn Heerlen

Premium All In

From April 1st 2019 only available for ordering using the new article numbers:

Type Current article number Article number from 01/04/2019
Type 11 0521HHTTLL 0223HHTTLL
Type 21/22/33 0522HHTTLL 0221HHTTLL
Type 11, left version 0523HHTTLL 0224HHTTLL

Compact Plan

From April 1st 2019 only available for ordering using the new article numbers:

Type Current article number Article number from 01/04/2019
All types 0116HHTTLL 0216HHTTLL

After April 1st 2019 mixed deliveries might occur. We do everything we can to keep this period as short as possible and to change swiftly to a 100% delivery using the new art. nr. 0216.

Everest Line

Art. nr. starting with 0155 or 0156 are removed from the range and are only available while stocks last since February 1st 2019.

Given the extensive range, we offer 3 alternatives with Henrad:

  • • Everest Line ECO (0451): product with higher added value
  • • Everest Line 8 (0653 of 0654): product with more connectivity options
  • • Compact Line (0453): most favourable priced Compact version

Alto Line

From April 1st 2019 Henrad extends the range of vertical panel radiators.

Alto Line type 20 will be added to our portfolio for all heights. This provides you with a choice between 80 products, just as for Alto Plan.

Henrad reorients its range of design radiators

After a thorough analysis, we have decided to discontinue offering the following models:

  • • Aqua Single & Aqua Double: art. nr. starting with 7501
  • • Rana: art. nr. starting with 7003
  • • Verona Slimline & Verona Double: art. nr. starting with 7503

Since February 1st 2019, we no longer accept any new orders for these models. We will of course process ongoing orders in accordance with the applicable delivery times.

Gross price increase for coloured radiators

From April 1st 2019 the gross surcharge for colouring radiators will be increased from €120 to €130.

Range of sidepanels

With the rising demand for ECO radiators comes the increase of need for side panels. Obviously we are glad to anwer this by adding these in our accessories range from April 1st 2019. The will be R3104HHTT and each article will be delivered as a set of 2 side panels, including ECO arrow clips.

Permanent air vents & accessories

After deliberation we have decided to significantly lower the prices of our permanent air vents and their accessories. This will make the permanent air vent an even more interesting alternative for the traditional air vent.


A summary of all changes in our ranges can be downloaded here.