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Henrad launches the Premium All In

From now on, the Henrad Premium valve radiator is also available in a new version.

With the Premium All In, Henrad offers the Premium radiator including all fixing materials. In addition, this version can also be turned around, thus making it multi-functional.

No welded lugs

Types 21, 22 and 33 have no welded-on lugs. A left-hand version is obtained by turning the radiator around. Type 11 does have welded-on lugs and is supplied with the standard VDI bracket. A left-hand version is available for this type on request.


Radiator types 21-33 are no longer fitted with the traditional lugs. The Monclac bracket supplied is not a ‘lug-lug’ bracket, but a ‘grille-seam’ bracket. This means that the radiator’s bottom weld seam rests on the bracket and the top of the bracket clamps the radiator onto the grille. Screwing the top minimises the risk of upward movements, the anti-slide clips minimise lateral movements.

Premium All In colours your day!

The Premium All In is available in Henrad white 9016, 35 other Henrad colours and 200 RAL colours. The top of the bracket clamps onto the grille is in a chrome finish for coloured radiators.

New grille

The Premium All In is given a new look. The radiator is fitted with a new, modern grille.

Discover the Premium All In