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HENRAD, the company

Henrad nv
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2200 Herentals
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Our vision

Henrad: it’s all about expertise

Henrad heats millions of homes all over Europe. In 1978 founder Louis Hendrickx produced his first sheet steel radiator. Many decades later Henrad is still at the top. In-house developed standard and designer radiators make Henrad the trend-setter on the European radiator market. The unique ECO technology allows Henrad to bring even the most energy-saving radiators onto the market.

The high quality requirements that founder ‘Lowieke Stoof’ had in mind with his first radiators in the Seventies, are still embedded in the company’s genes. The ambitions to distribute top radiators through an international distribution network of wholesale businesses; in heating and sanitary fittings, have remained unchanged. However, the underlying technologies have undergone big evolutions.

Part of the Ideal Stelrad Group

Since 2005 Henrad has been part of the Ideal Stelrad Group (ISG). Anchoring in a European group offers us the required basis and power to consolidate and further strengthen our European position.

Design and functionality

The extremely sturdy steel plate radiator is still the backbone of Henrad’s assortment. Instead of a few standard colours, almost all RAL colours are now available. Henrad’s beautiful decorative radiators add value and flair to any room within the home or business

At Henrad, design and functionality go hand in hand. We have the right radiators for each house – whether it’s a stately city building, a townhouse or a villa surrounded by luxurious surroundings.

Heat = valuable

Heat is a valuable resource. If there is no heat, there is no comfort or coziness. But heat should also be treated with care. The R&D department has been working hard at maximizing the heat efficiency of Henrad radiators.

These developments have already brought great results. With the ECO technology – which we already apply to our standard and decorative radiators – you will end up saving on your energy bill what you paid for your radiator. You can enjoy comfortable heat every day, while your energy bill and the environment benefit greatly from it.

Sustainable, green heat

Henrad will continue on the path it has taken also in the years to come. Quality and heat comfort are the foundation. We combine this with innovative strong designs for an exclusive image. And we keep working with more sustainable green heat! That’s what we go for, because you and our planet deserve it.


Henrad has an extensive distribution network of specialist regional and international wholesalers.
This guarantees the best possible availability of our radiators.