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Discover our radiators in the new consumer leaflet

After the extensions and updates to our ranges, we launched an updated version of our consumer leaflet. This leaflet will help and support you presenting our radiators to your customers.

Choosing the right heat together

The consumer leaflet presents a complete overview of our radiators, excluding the designer ones. A different leaflet was created especially for this purpose.

Why a consumer leaflet?

Thanks to the complete overview of all our radiators, including more information and pictures, the consumer leaflet is the ideal help to discuss Henrad’s sheer endless possibilities with your customers.

For each radiator we talk about the included and addittional extras, different types, heights and lengths.

The leaflet offers to the reader a clear and unambiguous set of information for his or her situation to select the right radiator.

Do you want to receive the new consumer leaflet?

Send your order with reference HR CB EN:

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  • – Per shrimp film package = 25 pieces
  • – Per box = 100 pieces

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Want to read online?

Click here to download the consumer leaflet.