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Carefree and eco-friendly heating with electric radiators

A radiator that’s always ready, in every season… always convenient in the bathroom. Whether you want to preheat a towel, or heat the room to an enjoyable temperature, you can always rely on the Oceanus E.

Oceanus E, a smart heat source!

The Oceanus E radiator is fully programmable and even shuts down when a window is opened, making it very energy-efficient. Its intelligent control unit ensures it complies with the new and strict EcoDesign regulation, which is valid since January 2018.

The Oceanus E has been prefilled with heating fluid and is completely Plug & Play. You just have to mount the radiator, connect the electricity and enjoy your careless warmth. Furthermore the easy to use and programmable thermostat features among others a boost button to heat your towels or bathroom in the quickest time possible.

Key features:

  • Ready for assembly and connection
  • Backlit digital display
  • Integrated week programming
  • Open window detection
  • Display of the energy consumption in kWh
  • IR-receiver for the optional remote control
  • Boost button
  • Compliant with EcoDesign

3D Animation

Discover the Henrad Oceanus E here in 3D

››› Oceanus E

Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag to rotate the radiator.

Choose for colour

Choose your colour

Warmth is essential for creating a cosy home. As is an interior that you feel good in. With Henrad you can now opt for colourful warmth.


The above colour palette is supplemented with over 200 RAL colours.


Infrared remote control ( T5001)



Technical details

Technical data

With the electrical version of the Oceanus radiator a new era is upon us. Nowadays alternative energy sources also get more interest next to the traditional hydraulic heating. The Oceanus E is Henrad’s answer to this evolution.

Specification description

  • Product:
Electric classic bathroom radiator
  • Pre-mounted:
Pre-filled with heating liquid and equipped with a thermostat. Available as a version with 0.8 m insulated cable without plug and as a version with 1.2 m insulated cable with plug.
  • Also supplied:
Brackets, screws, plugs and manual.
  • Control:
Operated via integrated thermostat + 7 °C to + 30 °C with weekly programming, open window detection and boost function. IR receiver for the optional remote control.
  • Packaging:
Every radiator is sturdily packaged in high-quality cardboard and wrapped in plastic. The radiator’s characteristics are shown on the label: type – height – length.
  • Warranty:
10 years for the radiator and 2 years for the electrical components, as long as the installation instructions have been followed and Henrad’s warranty conditions have been met.
  • Paint process:
All radiators are degreased, phosphated and powder-coated in Henrad white 9016 as standard.
  • Colours:
Henrad white 9016 + 35 different Henrad colours and about 200 RAL-colours are possible
  • Conformity:
EcoDesign 2018 (EU regulation 2015/1188)
  • Technical data:
Voltage 230V ~50Hz, Class II, IP44.
  • Heights:
775 | 1.181 | 1.411 | 1.763 mm
  • Number of tubes:
16 | 24 | 28 | 36
  • Lengths:
400 | 450 | 495 | 585 mm
  • Heat outputs:
400 | 600 | 700 | 900 | 1000 W
  • Tubes:
horizontal, O-section, diameter of 22 mm
  • Downloads:
Download the full specification description in Word download (Custom)

Type overview

(mm. incl. Thermostat)
Number of tubesHeat outputs

Intelligent Thermostat

Electronic PID control with microprocessor.
• A safety feature prevents the room temperature from getting too high (Boost mode).
Sound signal when changing between standby and active mode.
Ergonomic: Backlit display which is easy and intuitive to set.
Boost: Adjustable between 10 and 90 minutes.
Infrared remote control (optional): Supplied with a wall mount.
Energy consumption indicator.
Open window detection: Automatically switching to frost protection mode when the device detects a significant drop in temperature.
7 Day program: Possibility to assign 5 different profiles to each day.
6 Different factory presets: Auto/Comfort/Eco/Boost/Frost protection/Standby
Child anti-tamper: The control panel can be locked.
Active memory: Permanent backup of the settings, date and time up to 3 hours.

Download the manual of your Oceanus E

(PDF – 2,98MB)

Download the manual of your Oceanus E with plug

(PDF – 2,98MB)