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Packaging improvements of Alto radiators

Due to the improvements to the Alto packaging below, the brackets and accessories are now visible in the packaging. In addition, the connections in packaging are also easily accessible and recognizable.

This makes the Alto radiator even easier to install and connect in the packaging, with the added benefit of reducing the risk of damage from other contractors.

Sides Corners
The sides now have extra full-height protection with shock-absorbing cardboard. There is a new recyclable corner protection on every corner.
Strapping band Thicker shrink wrap
The protection is provided with strong strapping bands. All protections are held together by a thicker foil. This also ensures better protection of the cardboard.

All advantages summarized

  • • Sturdy side panels
  • • Extra full side protection
  • • Extra protection of the radiator corners
  • • Corners fit tightly around the radiator and cannot push the front panel away
  • • Extra protection by thicker foil
  • • Brackets and accessories visible in packaging
  • • Connections easily accessible / recognizable through the packaging