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Narrow versions for Oceanus, Oceanus CT and Oceanus E

In addition to the existing widths of 495, 585 and 737mm, 2 new widths are added to the ranges of Oceanus, Oceanus CT (centre connection) and Oceanus E (Electric version).

As from today, our most popular bathroom radiator is also available in widths 400 and 450mm, in heights 1181 and 1411mm.

Consequently, the Oceanus will feel at home in even more bathrooms offering people the comfort of a preheated towel in a nice warm room.

Oceanus E with fixed plug

Our electric towel radiator Oceanus E is now also available in a version with a fixed plug.

The radiator is now even easier to install, only a socket is required to enjoy its warmth!

10 year warranty on the Oceanus and Aphrodite models

For all your orders from 01/01/2021, all our bathroom radiators, just like our other radiators, come with a 10-year instead of 5-year warranty.

This is a doubling of the warranty for the Oceanus, Oceanus CT, Aphrodite and Aphrodite CT, including the electric versions Oceanus E and Oceanus E-Vento. (2-year warranty for electrical components)

Oceanus E-Vento in colour

Where the Oceanus E-Vento was initially only offered in white, it is now also available in colour.

So, like all our other radiators, you can have the Oceanus E-Vento in one of our 35 basic colours or more than 200 RAL colours.