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These 900 unique radiators are suitable for literally every setting

A radiator that by virtue of 8 connections can be installed in no fewer than 10 different ways. The flexibility and ease of installation of the new ‘8 Connections range’ is unprecedented.

Every radiator in this unique collection boasts four side and four bottom connections.

Which connections do you use?

These radiators are suitable for literally every setting, in both renovation and new-build projects. Their multiple connection options are particularly convenient when replacing old radiators.

You determine which connection to use, according to the specific situation. We supply these radiators inclusive of all mounting materials.

900 radiators

The ‘8 Connections range’ is available in three models:
Premium 8: a standard panel radiator
Everest Plan 8: a decorative radiator with flat front panel
Everest Line 8: a decorative radiator with stylised flat front panel

As each model comes in various heat-outputs and dimensions, our new ‘8 Connections range’ encompasses a total of 900 different radiators.

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